Think Before You Do Anything

acess parking with stepPeople’s thoughts must go something like this: I have a parking lot and I need an accessible space.  This is a good spot for one.  We’ll measure it and add the alley for it.  It is close to the door and everything!  We did a good job.

In this case, someone did create a beautiful accessible parking space.  Sadly it is located in front of a door that requires someone to be able to step up to enter it.  Also, the door is not center along the alley; rather it straddles the alley and the parking space.  In other words, the parked car would probably make it impossible for someone using a wheelchair to enter the door if the door had no step.

It is best to consult an expert before creating accessible parking.



Now This Is Accessibility!


Lots of kids like treehouses.  Think of all the imagination involved in all the play in a place like that.

Pirates on a ship or Tarzan Lord of the Jungle!  Kids could guard earth against invaders from outer space.  Treehouses are beautiful, encourage play and help children use their imaginations.  But what about kids who have disabilities?  How can they use a treehouse?

In Hamilton County, Ohio one of the local parks had a company build an accessible treehouse for use by any child.  It seems almost anything really is possible.



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