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Doggone Taxis!

Twitter was all ablaze recently about an experiment conducted by a Washington, DC TV station.  Using a mix of people who have no disabilities, people who use wheelchairs and people partnered with guide dogs or service dogs, the station decided … Continue reading 

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Disability Tunnel Vision

I’ve discovered a new condition I call disability tunnel vision.  It can happen when a person, business or organization tries to make facilities and programs more accessible and inclusive. I’ve found that when most people start thinking about accessibility they … Continue reading 

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But It’s Hard to Get It Right!

Businesses tell me, “There’s so much people with disabilities want.  They want me to change everything.” They tell me, “It’s expensive, and it’s hard.  How will I get it right?” Step one: breathe. Step two: accept change.  Yes, people with … Continue reading 

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