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What Are They All Waiting For?

In a recent blog post for the Ruderman Family Foundation, Jerry Aiken, the Executive Director of the National Inclusion Project mentions that the Americans with Disabilities Act is almost 24 years old.  He points out that as a country we … Continue reading 

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Accessibility Is More Than A Ramp

The ramp, often erroneously referred to as the “handicapped ramp”, has become as much a symbol of accessibility as the little wheelchair dude on the blue and white signs.  It has become that to such a degree that many places … Continue reading 

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If You Can’t Afford To Do It

I’ve heard it so many times I want to scream.  “I’m sorry, we just can’t afford to …”  This is where we fill in the blank with: put in a ramp provide captions provide a sign language interpreter make the … Continue reading 

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