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Fighting Back Part Two: Winning

I had my day in court.  Well, at least I went to court for a status conference with the assistant district attorney, the man I’d had cited for refusing me and my dog entry into his restaurant and his attorney.  … Continue reading 

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Sometimes Things Go Really Well: Examples of Disability Awareness & Good Customer Service

In our recent travels we managed to find good people doing good things.  Take for example the Whataburger restaurant in Vidor, Texas. After joking about the proliferation of Whataburger spots in East Texas, we got hungry and decided it was … Continue reading 

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Fighting Back Is OK! It’s International Assistance Dog Week

In a post dated November 11, 2009 William Peace (aka Bad Cripple) wrote, “In the Body Silent Robert Murphy wrote about two types of anger. The first, existential anger, involves a pervasive bitterness at one’s fate. Existential anger fuels self … Continue reading 

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