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Designed for 70%

I’ve been sick.  Hacking, coughing, suffering mightily with bronchitis and staying very close to my bed.  A bottle of water nearby along with tissues at the ready, faithful service dog alongside me, I was set except for one tiny thing: … Continue reading 

TV & Online Video Content: Is It Captioned?

Current people counters estimate that 20% of the population of the United States is Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  And yet… And yet, most television content shown on airplanes other than emergency information is not captioned. And yet, online programming … Continue reading 

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A Real Accommodation

Not long ago I wrote about providing accommodations people really need as opposed to those others think they should have.  It seems the accommodations offered are often seen as easier or less expensive than the accommodations requested. Here is a … Continue reading 

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