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The Law of Unintended Benefits, Part II

Some years ago I attended a day-long seminar with a friend.  My friend is visually impaired and brought with her a portable closed circuit TV that sat on the table in front of her.  With it she was able to … Continue reading 

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The Law of Unintended Benefits, Part I

Some of the best things in life are unexpected.  So it is with accessibility and inclusion.  We work and prepare to make environments, such as sidewalks, offices, stores and cultural venues, accessible for people who have disabilities.  This is deliberate.  … Continue reading 

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Language Matters

We all grew up hearing “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”.  We all grew up knowing how untrue that is.  Words hurt.  The meaning behind those words hurts and so it is up … Continue reading 

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