Do You YouTube?

YouTube is no longer a site just for entertainment.  It has beckoned business as a means of transmitting their message, explaining the workings of a product or providing a how-to guide in their areas of expertise be it building a cupola or finding the right wine.

Many YouTube videos are not captioned and they do not have a descriptive narration providing key details a person who is blind or visually impaired would be unable to see.  Usually when people think about captioning their video they opt to use Google’s automatic captioning feature.

Sadly, Google auto captions leave much to be desired when it comes to accuracy.  Here’s an example of the kinds of captions one gets from a Taylor Swift music video.  The lyrics as they were captioned are sung by two highly talented guys

In this video Chevron tells us how much their employees help teach students about science, but the automatic captions get a failing grade.

Valspar wants us to clean our painting tools, but the automatic captioning doesn’t always agree in this video

Pella thinks we should all have Palestine windows, whatever they are

Videos can be a great tool to get your company’s message out, but remember to include captions…the real kind.

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