More Auto Captioning Debacles

The Google auto captioning spectacle continues with more examples of companies and governmental agencies that never checked to see how their videos were transcribed.

Proctor & Gamble created what is supposed to be a cute Mother’s Day campaign, but the message alters just a little when handed to Google auto captions. The kids are cute, the words are, well, odd here

P&G wants to hire people for its supply chain and they get the message out poorly in this corporate video

Macy’s also wants to hire people, but they never captioned the video, instead leaving it up to Google.  This was a mistake.

In this video produced by Harvard University, neuroscientists let the auto captions try to decipher complex research.

Louisiana’s Lieutenant Governor touts the pelican state as a tourist destination which creates jobs in the tourism sector. Sadly the auto captions twist the message

If you do not caption your videos you leave yourself at the mercy of Google and their very imperfect auto captions.  The only way to ensure your message arrives at your viewers intact is to provide captions.

Where can you find someone to caption your videos?  Take a look at, an online market place for caption providers.

Don’t wait for your videos to embarrass you.  Caption today.

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