No Captions at This Inn

TV Remote ControlWhat is it with hotels?  Why do so many have such a problem providing captioning on the TVs in their rooms?  A couple months ago I wrote about a hotel that only provided captioned television in the “handicapped” rooms.  Last week I stayed at another hotel without benefit of captions.                          

Shortly after checking inn I checked the TV and the remote; that previous bad experience along with several others has me trained.  Sure enough, there were no buttons marked CC on the remote.  I tried the menu button and quickly realized the remote was designed for DIRECTV, the provider of the programming at the hotel.  It appeared there was no way to make captions appear. 

We left to get dinner, and when we returned we asked the desk clerk about captions.  She replied, “I’m really new here and I don’t know anything about captions.”  We asked her if she could contact someone who might know something about captions.  She quickly tried two people but neither answered.  She shrugged.  Oh well.  That’s that. 

This is three kinds of failure: it is a failure of the hotel to provide its employees with appropriate training so they can do their jobs; it is a failure to provide customer service since we all know without question that modern American hotels provide television, thus we expect to be able to watch television; it is a failure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Needless to say I filed yet another complaint with the Department of Justice.  Hotel industry, take note.   


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