TV & Online Video Content: Is It Captioned?

Current people counters estimate that 20% of the population of the United States is Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  And yet…

And yet, most television content shown on airplanes other than emergency information is not captioned.

And yet, online programming for networks such as ESPN, CNN, Fox News and Lifetime is not captioned.

And yet, most television commercials are not captioned.

And yet, video produced by the White House on the White House website is not captioned.

And yet, most national political ads during the primary season are not captioned.

Why is that?  Why would any business looking for customers want to ignore up to 20% of the population?  Why would any politician or advertiser?

Please don’t tell me money is the issue because the potential return on investment will be larger than any initial cost.

So then, why would businesses choose to ignore 20% of the population?  Can someone please give me a plausible answer?

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