What’s That Dog Doing Here?

People who have assistance dogs, also known as service dogs, are used to bad customer service.  That does not mean they should be getting bad customer service.

A man with a service dog enters a bar.  It sounds like the start of a joke, doesn’t it?  It’s no joke; read on.  The bartender yells out, “Hey!  Is that one of those Seeing Eye dogs?  Only Seeing Eye dogs are allowed in here.”

A woman with a service dog enters the hotel where she is registered.  She realizes she is being followed to the elevator by the front desk clerk.  She stops at the elevator and the clerk says, “I just wanted to make sure the dog was OK, y’know, legitimate.”

A husband and wife enter a restaurant with the husband’s guide dog.  The manager comes out yelling at them to leave the establishment claiming the health department told them no dogs are allowed.

A couple on a date goes to a restaurant.  The woman has her service dog with her.  The hostess keeps the couple waiting while she deliberates with the manager.  The hostess then offers them seating outdoors, while clearly there are tables available indoors.

It’s time to familiarize yourself with state Federal laws protecting the public access rights of people with disabilities who use dogs to assist them.  Federal and almost all state laws permit people using service/assistance dogs to enter all public places including: bars; restaurants; grocery stores; hotels; theaters; retail establishments; museums; government buildings; medical offices; law offices; dental offices; etc.

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